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Quick Reel - 3 samples in 3 mins


For this financial product training sample, I used animations and slide duplicates to run a continuous and seamless module, helping keep learners focused on the passive content while avoiding clicking through autonomously and absently. Learners can revisit different product sections at their own pace.


In this recycling awareness training program, learners are pre-tested for their knowledge on what can and can’t be recycled. Correct information is shared when the learner inputs an incorrect answer.


In this men’s retail suiting customer service training module, learners are allowed a self-paced review of the information and then are faced with different scenarios where they must provide their recommendation to the customer.

Taco Builder (the successor of Sandwich Station, below) won Best of Show Vendor Solutions at DevLearn 2021 DemoFest!

For two restaurant clients, I helped design these two beautiful simulations meant to provide new employees with a risk-free practice environment to learn recipes, including portion sizes, order of ingredients, and ingredient locations. For the most impact, we used real photos of ingredients, in progress and completed builds (Some of which I shot myself at a restaurant at 6:30 am, or at our client HQ with a professional production crew, and yes there were taste tests!) Developed in Articulate Storyline 360.

Onboarding Intro - Travel Company

For this onboarding training introduction video, I used free stock footage from, and used Premiere Pro and Articulate Storyline.

Try out my Sparkling Hotel Room Challenge!

Find out which surfaces in the room need to be sanitized between guests and the proper procedures for sanitizing. Feel free to leave feedback using Review 360 comments. Developed in Storyline 360.


Here's a sample of a storyboard for a customer service role-playing scenario elearning module. I've used Word, Powerpoint, OneNote, Excel, Coggle, Miro, Captivate and Storyline for organizing content, mapping actions, and storyboarding.

Video sample - City Sustainability Initiatives

In this onboarding video familiarizing new city staff with sustainability initiatives, learners complete a self-paced review of the information. General and city-specific environmental information is shared, along with initiatives and how employees can get involved or learn more.

Communications and Soft Skills Training

With a background in human resources, intercultural communications, cultural awareness and developing behavioral training, I work with SMEs to help simplify difficult concepts through relatable, real-life scenarios.

Product Training - Fast Food

In this food service product training module, learners actively engage in a simulation to help them memorize procedures to assemble ingredients for the chain's healthy fast food products. Additional info is available as “easter eggs” throughout the training to give learners a wealth of knowledge on their ingredients and final product.

Software Tutorial Screencasts

This screenshot is of a Unity 3D software tutorial project I screencasted, captioned and edited in Camtasia. 

Adult Learning Theories

Self-paced review module with brief overview of each major learning theory pertaining to adult education. Voice over, charts and animations bring fullness to the training while enhancing and highlighting the content.


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