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CenarioVR - a 360 image rapid VR / eLearning development tool

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

I spent a few weeks playing around with CenarioVR, the platform by Elearning Brothers.

It's a really neat tool, and functions similarly to Articulate Storyline's 360 image capability, except CenarioVR can output for headset viewing, and Storyline cannot.

Here's a few of the samples I made for you to play around with, whether on your browser or on your headset using the CenarioVR app.

Fun facts - the hotel room challenge uses an image I captured of my hotel room at the Mirage for DevLearn 2021 using my Ricoh Theta Z. The Lake Cuomo sample uses a 360 stock image from Adobe Stock, and the construction site samples use images from sites near my home in Corvallis, Oregon.


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