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Cloudy TinyWorld in GravitySketch

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

I took this opportunity to re-familiarize myself with tools and the movement of objects and orientation in Gravity Sketch. I've done a number of other fun sketches in the past, but since it's been over a year I needed to reorient myself with this project inspired by another video.

A couple of observations from this short pet project:

  • creating detail in an environment is a time consuming labor of love, careful observation, attention to detail, and rework, rework, rework

  • scale is up to your interpretation - go wild, be ridiculous, within scope of your project

  • recreating existing environments rather than creating new ones will take different kind of artistic touch

How might a tinyworld be used?

  • onboarding

  • mini campus recreations

  • scavenger hunts

  • minigames

  • webinars, meetups, small events

I love the ribbon tool and wanted to use it to create some crazy clouds. They're funky, but something I would probably take out or redo in a different style next time. I did experience some difficulty using Gravity Sketch as I had before, getting certain tools to select, or behave the way I expected, although the experience was smoother than before.

The built in tutorials are very helpful, and I'd like to spend more time with them, although watching videos outside the headset and then going in to apply and practice tends to be easier on the wear and tear (on both human eyes and headset).

I'm considering this the first prototype of a therapeutic project, and looking forward to another version of this with more planning, attention to detail, and longer term effort.



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