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Custom AI Chatbots: 4 Powerful Applications for Employee Performance Support

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

I wrote this article for the October Evolve Insights newsletter: and it was featured in Christy Tucker's newsletter too!

While AI chatbots for B2C applications are widely in use, more recently companies have begun exploring the potential of AI chatbots for internal use. These custom bots cater directly to employees, aiming to simplify many of the routine or complex tasks they face.

1. Onboarding and Training

Starting a new job can be a whirlwind, but AI chatbots can help guide new employees—like an AI mentor they can actually interact with. There’s so much to learn, from company culture and values, to divisions and project teams, to employee expectations and policies, to role-based, day-to-day tasks. Custom AI chatbots can help streamline this process. New employees can simply chat with the bot to understand their role better, get insights into company policies, or even get to know the team they’ll work with. It’s like having a personal guide available 24/7.

2. Technical Troubleshooting

We’ve all been there: software not working as expected, or a sudden computer glitch. Instead of reaching out to the IT team, employees can first consult a chatbot. With the right information at its disposal, a bot can guide users through common issues like how to use certain features of company software, setting up or resetting accounts and passwords, and more, saving time for both employees and the tech team.

3. HR Assistance

HR teams handle a plethora of queries daily. From leave policies to insurance benefits, the questions are endless. An HR-focused chatbot can provide immediate answers to many of these questions, freeing up time for the HR team and giving employees instant clarity.

4. Knowledge Base and Company FAQs

Every company has a wealth of information stored in internal documents and FAQs. Navigating these resources can be daunting. With a chatbot, employees can get direct answers to their questions, whether it’s about sales figures from last quarter, details about a company event, or information on past projects.

Assessing the options

While the allure of custom chatbots is undeniable, the process of creating one might seem a bit technical. However, there are plenty of guides online about using smaller AI models like GPT-2, which are less resource-intensive, making it feasible for companies with tech-savvy teams to develop in-house chatbots without needing supercomputers. Of course, not every business has the resources or inclination to venture into custom chatbot development. For those companies, solutions like Espressive, TinyTalk AI, and Gleen AI offer pre-packaged, robust chatbot options. They’re designed for businesses that might not have the tech expertise on hand but still want to tap into the benefits of AI-driven employee support, often with organization-wide capabilities and external support.

Future of internal AI chatbots

The move towards internal AI chatbots is still in its early stages. For companies with the technical know-how and resources, crafting a custom solution using models like GPT-2 is a practical approach. However, for those without the bandwidth, there’s no need to miss out. Ready-made solutions from other AI chatbot service providers provide a solid alternative. Looking ahead, AI chatbots hold immense potential to revolutionize corporate learning, becoming indispensable tools in guiding and elevating employee performance throughout their career journey.



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