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Developing Wilderness Challenge in Unity - We've got hands! (part 1 of probably many)

I've gotten started on developing my project in Unity, and (so far) have only had to start over 4 times! I was able to successfully integrate the VR Interaction Framework and place the sample XR rig into an environment level I purchased (which required several other asset packs by the same artists).

I've definitely found some gaps in my design document and will be reposting a new version soon with some updates.... plenty more to consider that I'll need to include, like specs for movement and collecting items - will users bend down and physically pick up an item or use the controller's ray to collect an item? Will I give the option of continuous or teleport motion at the start, or have one controller's joystick dedicated to continuous movement and the other to teleport? Or simplify my dev and only use one method of movement? These questions and more to be answered in the next version of the design doc.....

This is what the project looks like most of the time (importing all the assets and frameworks and plugins so far has taken several hours..... for each time I start over 🙃) You can get a glimpse of the environment assets, which I'll link to below.

Tried to change XR frameworks after already placing assets... some not so good things happened, so this file was scrapped.

So. Much. Importing. Feeling the need for a Supercomputer. Added to 2023 wishlist for Santa. Not sure he will oblige but worth a shot.

This is setting up the controllers using the XR Framework - I'm using the VRIF now for several different reasons (it's a little more polished and was functional pretty much out of the box, whereas we had a lot more troubleshooting with this one) which looks a bit different, but expanding this image this gives an idea of how many different actions and inputs are mapped to the controllers.

We've got hands! These are from the VRIF sample scene, out of the box. Although they are a bit camouflaged at the moment, we'll get to a point where we can customize how they look. So far, we can move around and wave our hands though! Next will be applying script to objects to make them grabbable, adding snap turn and teleport, and looking into adding a UI manager to make some pretty instructional popups. And so, so much more to come....

Assets I am using in this project:

For VR integration:


River Valley - Level (uses the assets from the two packs below)

Assets for challenges:

The UI toolkit I am considering (will update with what I end up with):

Helpful Youtube Tuts:



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