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DevLearn DemoFest 2021 - We won Best in Show for our Taco Builder Simulation!!!

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Wow, what a whirlwind! I think DemoFest was the longest shortest hour of my life. I was a little hoarse after reciting my introduction to Taco Builder approximately 28 times, trying to enunciate and project through my mask across the accumulating crowd so everyone watching could hear. I didn’t realize we had won an award and was in the middle of demonstrating the game until Alex was shouting from across the room to tell me to get on stage! It was amazing.

There were so many cool projects and many well-deserved awards given, like JP Morgan Chase’s board game inspired, roleplaying fantasy gladiator game and Design by Humanity’s anti-racism interactive story. We are so honored to have been voted as best in show vendor. Many thanks to DevLearn, DemoFest, and the organizers, everyone who voted, our client The Select Group for letting us share our work with everyone, and our hardworking teams and freelance networks who continue to help us make spectacular blended learning experiences.



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