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First Universe Class Project - Professor Genki's head will roll

Updated: Mar 2

If you're not hip with meme culture this one might be a bit tough to interpret, here's some backstory from this site: "The format of the meme itself is rather straight-forward. Knowyourmeme.com explains how the meme focuses around a central character who cleverly defeats or ridicules someone, verbally or nonverbally. "

Followed Create with Code by Unity and replaced some of the assets with some inspiration from Saints Row 4 (an excellent open-world action adventure 3D game)

Created for Spring 2022 Universe Intro to C# and Unity - https://www.tryuniverse.com/

Environment from package files included with Unity's Create with Code free online course - https://learn.unity.com/course/create-with-code

Professor Genki model made in ShapesXR, exported through Blender to .fbx, then added to Unity with sphere collider

Car is free asset from Unity Asset Store - https://assetstore.unity.com/

Music is Dr. Dre (on video) and Yeah Yeah Yeahs on project file.

Link to play coming soon!

Music by Dr. Dre

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