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Some fun with AI image generation

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

How does an AI see itself? How would it choose to represent itself given the choice, or command?

I asked's Synth to create images of "an AI" and "a group of AI" to see how it might choose to represent itself. Synth has several theme options, so I entered the same criteria for each one to compare the different results.

Options on Synth:


"an AI" - if you look closely, most the images are of some eyeball looking robotics and/or a humanoid with a distorted, unformed, or somehow hidden face, with something on their head.... except the super creepy mirrors reflecting nothing back at each other, thanks Rococo, for that nightmare.

Cyberpunk feels a little War of the Worlds.

Food style appears to be odd interpretations of common foods... are they mushrooms in chocolate sauce? Is that a waffle, a beef roast, and a hummus platter inside a burger? Why are the fries melting like cheese? I'm not sure the AI knows what AI food is and neither do I...


"a group of AI" - again, we have these figures with distorted faces, the Rococo Whimsy style bringing the the stuff of Victorian nightmares with mirrors again.

Steampunk and the weird eye balloons, humanoid faceless creatures are of note.

The Sci Fi style goes full robot eyeball with speres staring from everywhere, totally dominating a few shadowy humanoid possibly cyborg creatures?

Epic went full superhero with faces and giant robot eyeballs. Elegant appears to be a single female, but when one considers that we asked for a 'group' we have to wonder - is the 'group of AI' the group of mechanics around her head, presumably controlling her? Or is the group internal, a hivemind of AI that's worked together to take over the brain? Either are pretty terrifying.

The Food style is slightly disappointing with a group of burgers with unidentifiable layers (maybe it's implying that AI personality is complex, has layers...) and a limbless chef's shirt in the background.



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